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Swakopmund Hotel & Entertainment Centre

2 Theo-Ben Gurirab Avenue
Southern Africa
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From the rugged, desolate beauty of the Namib Desert, to the historical grace of its buildings, a visit to the Skeleton Coast is a unique experience. The Swakopmund Hotel & Entertainment Centre is no exception.

Built in and around the old StationBuilding with luxury rooms and suites, this charming hotel strikes a perfect balance between architectural beauty and first-world comfort. While the hotel caters for guests’ every luxury, you’ll find the stark and unforgiving Namib desert an irresistible call. For the adventurous at heart, a casino with slot machines, camel rides, dune boarding and quad biking is sure to awaken your adrenal glands, while those who’s heart’s in a different place, a lavish desert evening banquet in fluttering white tents is quite possibly the epitome of romantic escapism, best enjoyed with someone very special.



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