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Nasikia Mobile Migration Camp

Ndutu and Bologonja
East Africa
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The Nasikia Mobile Migration Camp is a standard camp that is placed in the southern part of the Serengeti in Tanzania from December to March every year.  This camp is then moved 200 kilometers north and set up in the Bologonja area for 3 months to capture the dramatic river crossings from June to October.

The Nasikia Mobile Camp allows travellers the opportunity to move to where the Great Wildebeest migration is.  It also allows to explore the wildlife from the Ngorongoro Conservation Area to the Serengeti National Park.  Due to his camp being mobile, it allows for the best wildlife encounters. 

Between eight and twelve Tents are set up for travellers, each of which provides comfort with a cooling feature of shade-clothing over the tent.   Tanzania's Nasikia Mobile Camp moves between the two locations throughout the year, except for April and May.

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