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Ehlane Plains Camp

Soit le Motonyi region
Eastern Serengeti
East Africa
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The tented Ehlane Plains Camp in East Africa is set in the eastern region of the game rich Serengeti of Tanzania.  This region of Tanzania is characterized by the vast plains of the Serengeti which is a remote wildlife savannah home to a great abundance of wildlife.  

The word 'ehlane' is a Zulu word which means 'wilderness'.  True to its name, this camp offers an exceptional safari experience in the Soit le Motonyi are, far away from the Serengeti transit areas.  The closest airstrip to this Serengeti camp is the Seronera airstrip which lies about a one and a half hours drive away.

This Serengeti safari camp offers 8 tented suites which includes the 2 stargazer suites and the one family suite.  Children over the age of five years can be accommodated at the Ehlane Plains Camp.  The luxury tents are well appointed with convenient features and amenities to ensure a private and most comfortable setting.  

The tents, which are all under canvas, afford beautiful vistas of the wilderness ahead.  Each of the safari suites feature a welcoming lounge with couches and a coffee table.

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